2017 | "A Poem for Christmastime"

Nibbling already on dreams of April
waiting in wonder, humming songs
quiet and ripe and warm,
I am startled by autumn's gaping remains—
a soft chill, a briefly sunlit frost.

And in my warmth-wishing
is a defying haze
winter's witches cannot breach,
questions fragrant and driving:
Should I step around yearning
or through it?
Is summer God's patience
or patience, God's summer?

But the bright winds of could-be
and becoming and patiently
suffering rushes of snow
are gifts best opened together
to melt away December's icy monochrome
with family or friends or passersby,
our littleness a shared meal
our singing a shared Christ
our ragged spirits his manger,
hearts naked and crisp and expecting.